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Azure Cloud Shell, Python, and Container Instances

Despite being fairly new, the Azure Cloud Shell has quickly become my go-to place for scripting and programming with Azure. This article describes some of features that make cloud shell useful, and how to use the environment with Python. What’s … Continue reading

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Deploying Azure Container Service using the azurerm Python library

Azure Container Service is an easy to deploy container framework for Azure. It’s an open framework that among other things lets you choose whether to deploy DCOS or Swarm based cluster orchestration. You can deploy ACS directly from the Azure … Continue reading

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Deploying Applications in Azure VM Scale Sets

  How are Applications deployed on VM Scale Sets? An application running on a VM Scale Set is typically deployed in one of three ways: 1. Installing new software on a Platform image at deployment time. A platform image in … Continue reading

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Adding a Docker container icon to your Unity launcher (Ubuntu 15.04)

If there’s a Docker container you run a lot it’s nice to be able to single-click an icon on the desktop to run it. This is particularly useful if the container has an interactive shell. Here’s how to do that … Continue reading

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