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Manually Deploying a CLR Stored Procedure

The previous post discussed using Visual Studio 2010 to build and deploy a CLR stored procedure to a SQL Server 2008 R2 database. This post looks at manual deployment, how to use T-SQL to create an assembly based on a CLR … Continue reading

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Writing a C# CLR Stored Procedure in Visual Studio 2010 and deploying to SQL Server 2008 R2

Visual Studio provides a nice environment for writing CLR stored procedures with managed code.  Writing a CLR stored procedure in C# and deploying to SQL Server 2008 R2 is mostly intuitive, with a couple of caveats. This example shows how … Continue reading

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Using Full-text Search in a C# Windows Forms program

This example will will use the same “msnotes” database as before and combine the earlier Full-text search example with DataGridView example to create a Windows Form program which implements free form text search of a database, displaying the results in … Continue reading

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Setting up and using Full Text Search in SQL Server 2008

The Full-text search feature of SQL Server provides a fast means of searching unstructured text and binary formatted text such as Word documents. A major enhancement in SQL Server 2008 is indexes are stored inside database filegroups, rather than the … Continue reading

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Populating a DataGridView with a DataTable

The DataGridView control is a simple way to display data in a tabular format in a Windows Forms application. This example populates a DataGridView control with data from an SQL query using the DataTable class. Getting Started Create a new … Continue reading

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Making an ADO.NET connection to a database with C#

This example uses the ADO.NET class library to connect to a SQL Server database and is based on a method described in Visual C# 2010  Step by Step by John Sharp. The database The database created for this example, msnotes, … Continue reading

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