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Deploying Azure Container Service using the azurerm Python library

Azure Container Service is an easy to deploy container framework for Azure. It’s an open framework that among other things lets you choose whether to deploy DCOS or Swarm based cluster orchestration. You can deploy ACS directly from the Azure … Continue reading

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Generating RSA keys with Python 3

I was looking for a quick way to generate an RSA key in Python 3 for some unit tests which needed a public key as an OpenSSH string. It ended up taking longer than expected because I started by trying … Continue reading

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Install Azure CLI 2.0 on the Windows 10 bash on Ubuntu shell

Microsoft Azure CLI 2.0 is an excellent Azure CLI reboot based on Python which is now GA. If you want to install and run it on the bash on Ubuntu shell  provided as a developer feature with the Windows 10 … Continue reading

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Creating an Azure VM Scale Set with the azurerm Python library

There are various ways to create an Azure VM Scale Set. The easiest methods are: directly in the Azure portal, using the CLI quick-create command, and by deploying an Azure template. If instead of deploying a template you want to … Continue reading

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