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Making a book search engine in Python and Elasticsearch

Ever wondered what Nietzsche said about dragons? or Spinoza said about beauty? No? Well anyway this post is about how to make a book search engine, which you can load with a set of books, and then mine for information. … Continue reading

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azurerm – a Python library for the Azure RM REST API

This post is about an unofficial Azure library for Python called azurerm – a simple set of wrappers for Azure Resource Manager REST calls. If you’re looking for an official Python library for Microsoft Azure, there’s a bundle called azure … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Autoscale on Azure VM Scale Sets

Note: Updated 10/28/2016 to take host based metrics into account   Problem – you’ve created an autoscaling infrastructure in Azure Resource Manager using VM Scale Sets –  for example by deploying a template like this: – you have your … Continue reading

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