Azure templates for ComputerCraftEdu and Scriptcraft servers

In an earlier post I went through Creating a Minecraft server using an Azure Resource Manager template. What about mods?

Below are a couple of links to Azure templates which create and deploy ComputerCraftEdu and Scriptcraft servers on Ubuntu 15.04. Use the link above if you need instructions on deploying Azure templates.

If you want to make changes/improve them please go ahead and fork them/and or do pull requests.

Note: Before using these templates, check the ComputerCraftEdu website, and in the case of ScriptCraft the Yiddish Ninja site. Make sure the site is up before using a template. I’ve noticed these sites have episodic downtime, which would cause the Azure templates to fail when they try and download jar files.

Also these templates effectively acknowledge the Minecraft EULA on your behalf. Don’t use them if you’re not comfortable with that. I plan to modify the templates to make the eula something you have to acknowledge with a parameter.


ComputerCraftEdu is a variant of ComputerCraft which supports programmable turtles in a Minecraft environment. Minecraft server release is 1.7.10.




Scriptcraft is a Minecraft mod which supports writing JavaScript routines in Minecraft. The Azure template downloads a build of ScriptCraft from the Yiddish Ninja site:


The Young Person’s Guide to Programming in Minecraft (ScriptCraft tutorial):

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One Response to Azure templates for ComputerCraftEdu and Scriptcraft servers

  1. ScriptCraft says:

    If you’d like to share more info or an update on this, we’ll post links from our new @ScriptCraftJS pages at Twitter and Facebook. Message us there.

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