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Bash script to convert a Minecraft username to UUID

If you’re editing a Minecraft server to add an operator or set up a whitelist, and you’re not already an operator, you’ll need to convert your Minecraft user name into a UUID and edit the operators file, and for some versions … Continue reading

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Adding a Docker container icon to your Unity launcher (Ubuntu 15.04)

If there’s a Docker container you run a lot it’s nice to be able to single-click an icon on the desktop to run it. This is particularly useful if the container has an interactive shell. Here’s how to do that … Continue reading

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Creating a Minecraft server using an Azure Resource Manager template

This post explains how to rapidly configure and deploy a customized Minecraft server using an Azure template. Update 2/11/2017: There is now a Minecraft Solution template in the Azure Marketplace, which provides all the customization options described below. You can … Continue reading

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